Log5 is a Common Lisp logging framework organized around five things: categories, outputs, senders, messages and contexts.

For more details, see the overview or the user-guide.

Getting Log5

log5 is implemented and stabile. is switching from darcs to git for source control; the current log5 repository is on github and you can clone it using:

git clone git:// 

You can use ASDF-Install or just download a tarball. It's also on the CLiki. hosts the project's mailing list:

You can also follow development (such as it is :-)) on unCLog.

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Latest News

15 February 2009 - how time flies. moved to git

22 December 2007 - Some bug fixes and minor tweaks

29 June 2007 - log5 is updated with compile-time log categories and a handy debugging facility.

19 April 2007 - log5 has seen a bunch of minor development over the last few months. The biggest changes are